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Gwen Cooper/Owen Harper

...rat jam and pizza...

Rat Jam and Pizza - The Gwen/Owen Fans Community
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Welcome to ratjamandpizza, for the slightly unhinged shippers of Doctor Owen Harper and Gwen Cooper in Torchwood (BBC3, 10pm on Sundays). Love/Hate relationships are the best, aren't they?

Rules (eh, we've got to have some)
- Entries must be connected to Gwen and/or Owen in some way. Off-topic posters will be fed to the pterodactyl.
- No bashing or drama (so no attacks on other members' contributions/opinions, etc). Be nice!
- Large graphics/pictures go under an lj-cut, please.
- No more than three icons outside of a cut in any one post.
- Fic + icons + discussion + ship ideas/thoughts + polls + pictures + fanvids + fanart + wallpapers, etc can be posted in this community.
- All spoilers behind an lj-cut! This includes spoilers about the latest episode when it's aired on BBC3 but not yet on BBC2. Also includes speculation, rumours, basically anything that hasn't yet appeared in the series. Please clearly label spoilers when you post them.
- Enjoy yourself. Be proud to ship GwOwen!!!

Fic guidelines
- All fics must involve the ship of Gwen/Owen in some form.
- The main text must be behind a cut, even for drabbles.
- please provide this information when posting fics:

(angst, gen, romance, humour, AU etc)
Pairing: (if applicable)
Rating: Generally as according to the MPAA (so that's PG-13, etc).
Warnings: (non-con, bondage, and other such things)
Summary: (brief, but informative)
And any other author's notes you wish to give.

Codes and original idea by aquirkofmatter

crotch-mod and abs-mod, fighting the GwOwen fight